Child Observation

Topics: Dyslexia, Learning disability, Orthography Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Skill 1
The candidate will devise a paired reading activity based on a child with a physical and/or intellectual disability of their choice

Brief Background of the child:
Sarah is 8years old; she is in 2nd class in a mainstream school. She is a popular and happy child, but it has been observed that Sarah is very reluctant to read aloud in the class. She tends to stumble over words. In time of past Sarah would be viewed as a child that is just a slow learner. Sarah was assessed and she was diagnosed with Phonological Dyslexia – which is the most common form of the 4 types of Dyslexia. With this form of dyslexia Sarah finds it difficult to associate sounds with letters, and isolating words within sentences. But with support and proper teaching methods Sarah can prosper in the school curriculum. Factors to consider in relation to Sarah and Paired Reading

* Is Sarah old enough?
* Is paired reading the best approach to help Sarah with her reading difficulties? * The severity of Sarah’s Dyslexia.
* Sarah’s support system - would her parents include paired reading in her home life? * Has Sarah the patience for this system?
* Is there adequate resource available i.e. specific books required paired reading?

When Sarah was assessed it was viewed that paired reading would benefit her with her reading difficulties. Graded or Hi/Lo readers would be the best books for her to begin with. Also a series of books by Colin Harris which are specifically designed for children with learning difficulties would be used. Sarah would be encouraged to pick her own book to read helping her to create an interest in this task. For the first few session Sarah would read with the teacher until she gained the confidence to read alone. Before beginning each page Sarah and the teacher would look at the pictures and discuss them so Sarah would be kept interested and motivated in the book. 10 to 15minutes a day was allocated to Sarah’s paired reading, any...
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