Child Observation

Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Child development Pages: 5 (1790 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Santo C. (Fictitious name)
4 years 9 months old 45Lbs

Observation dates: May 02, 2013 09:00am to 11:00am
May 08, 2013 11:00am to 12:30am
Observation place: Preschool

During my observation, there were always nine children between four and 5 years old and two more adults in the same group.

Santo is an enthusiastic and active boy who according to his parents loves to go to preschool. He loves music time and outdoor play. I observed him twice, during two different days and times and during different activities.

Santo goes to the bathroom all by himself, without any reminders but always comes out asking the teachers to help him button his pants.

Santo works and play alongside with others but only acknowledges one other child. He works/plays in association with another child, he works and plays cooperatively only with one child, even when there are more then 2 children in the group, he tends to ignore the rest and plays and talks only to one.

Santo attempts to join others but does not adjust his behavior in response to others; he is not able to take turns in play. Santo likes to play rough and when he is in trouble; he always blames the other kids and refuses to accept any responsibility.

I observed a level of difficulty when he was trying to accomplish some physical tasks or activities. Language, listening and speaking shows some difficulty to where he should be according to his age. Santo has a hard time following directions and does not listen attentively.

Santo penmanship is good holds the pencil and crayons the right way. Writes his full name.

During free play/group activity, Santo choose to play with trains with a group of three other kids. They choose to play with the trains on the floor or build the tracks first before. I observed Santo waiting to play with the trains until the other children on his group build the tracks. I asked him if he could build his own tracks, he replied “yes” but when he tried he was not able to do it, he seemed to get a little frustrated for a little bit but then he asked the other children if he could join them and use the same tracks they had built, the other kids agreed and asked him to wait for his turn to put his trains on the track, Santo did not wait and knocked the other kids trains out of the track in order to place his; when the teacher asked him to wait for his turn he replied “ M and A did not allowed me to play with them”, his teacher asked him if he will be happy or said if M and A did the same thing to him he replied “yes” but insisted on blaming the other children for not allowing him to play right away and refused to wait for his turn. After couple of minutes, he moved to play with blocks.

Santo was able to build a small tower he came up to me and said, “You see the big tower I build”, I replied, “That’s great I’m proud of you”; he seemed to be very proud. When D came to play along with Santo he was very happy and asked D “you want to play with me”, D replied “yes” but Santo did not continue building anything else, instead he decided to knocked the tower down and asked “D dook at this, you like it, is fun right”, D thought this was funny so Santo built the tower again and knocked it down, after the second time he was stopped by one of the teachers so he wouldn’t hurt the other kids.

I observed representation and symbolic thinking during indoor and outdoor play, most of the time about the movie “cars”.

Before going outdoor, Santo had a hard time putting his shoes the right way he tried a little longer than the other kids did. During outdoor play, I observed him playing with bicycles and on the playground on the slide and other climbing areas.

Overall coordination, he had a hard time climbing running and jumping. He falls more often that the other children his age. Santo has a hard time pedaling the bicycle with enough coordination. He loves to run, some times when more then three kids...
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