Child Observation

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Sexuality OR Gender issues (20pts.), Grading Rubric is posted on D2L. Choose one:

Sexuality: Interview a person for whom his/her sexuality was an issue in the school context. * The interview must take place either in person or on the phone: Not via email. State how you conducted the interview within your paper. * Provide a pseudonym for interviewee’s name to maintain confidentiality. * How does this person identify him/herself sexually?

* What was his/her experience in school?
* In what ways did students/teachers help/hinder their learning experience? * What places at school are least safe and why? Provide details on what type of incidences happen there. * Is there a way teachers/schools can better protect the safety of students? What recommendations does your interviewee have for future teachers? * Reflect on your findings. Write at least one half page. * This interview should be written in essay format, stating the question and answer within the paper. * Summarize the interview and add reflection. Essay should be at least 750 words.

Gender Issues: Observe a classroom or a Sunday school class (ages must be between the equivalent of 1st-12th grades) for 20 minutes during a time when students are asked to participate in discussion and there is no control device being used. * Document how many students are in the class.

* State how many there are of each gender.
* What is the activity that you are observing; what is being taught? * How many times are female and male students called on in a period of 20 minutes? Provide numeric count. * Document whether the teacher varies the type of questions/affirmations/comments/gestures according to gender. * Document whether the teacher uses noticeably distinct gestures or body language when interacting with one gender or the other. * Reflect on your findings. What thoughts do you have about this experience and what measures will you take to...
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