Child Observation

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Child Observation
Jane is a very active 5 years old girl who is in kindergarten. I observed her at her home in TX. Her primary language is English and her Secondary language is Spanish. She is able to do a lot of things for her age. I watched her in her home setting through the months of October and November. She is on track for her age developmentally. Her physical development is good for her age. When I visited her we did worksheets together. She traced a giraffe with a pen she was able to hold the pen in her hand and trace the dotted lines on the paper. We also did a cut color and glue paper of a clown holding balloons. She was able to cut out the circles and color then the colors asked. She also was able to match the shapes. She drew me a picture of herself and she wrote her name on the paper next to the drawing. We went outside to play and she showed me how she could skip and stand on one leg. She was also able to button her coat by herself. Her language skills are also on track. She is a very talkative 5 years old. On one of the visits we sat down to read one of her books. We read It looked like spilt milk. She was able to tell me what the story was about since she had read the book before. She is able to speak clear long sentence. When I visited her one day at home she told me a story of how she went and visited her aunt in las cruses. When asking her mom a question about when they were going to eat she would use the future tense. Her Cognitive skills are also very good. She is able to count objects to 12 it doesn’t matter what the objects are or even if they are the same size. She can also name all the primary colors. She is does not really understand the concept of time other than morning, noon, and night. She also knows a lot out how to use home appliances like the microwave and toaster. Her Social and Emotional skills are very well developed. When I visited her on day she was outside playing with the neighbor girl and they were outside...
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