Child Observation

Topics: Mother, Need, Want Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Sean walked into the classroom with his mother, his face was red, eyes were puffy and tears were streaming down his face. Mom says, “Sean, It’s time for mommy to go to work now, I need you to put your jacket away and go join your class, I will be back later to pick you up.” Sean then started screaming, “I want to shut the door, I want to shut the door.” He repeated this for about five minutes, his mother told him that it wasn’t his turn to shut the car door and that he could do it when she picked him up from daycare. Sean then threw himself onto the floor on his back, kicking his legs up and down repeatedly. His teacher told Seans’ mother that she could go ahead and leave, that they would take care of it from there. Once Sean’s mother left the building, he continued to throw a kicking fit, screaming “I want to shut the door,” for about another minute. When he saw that all of his friends were sitting at the table eating breakfast, he got up off the floor, took his jacket off and put it in his cubby. He then went to the sink and washed his hands, dried them, throwing the paper towel in the garbage can and then walked over to his teacher. “I sorry, can I eat?” he asked his teacher. Miss Martha knelt down to his level and said, “Thank you for calming down all by yourself, you did a very good job. You may go and get your cup and fill it up and then come back to get your plate of food as well.” Sean then filled his cup with milk and his plate of food and joined his classmates at the table for breakfast with a smile on his face.
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