Child Neglect

Topics: Neglect, Child abuse, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Janae Jones
April 11, 2013
Assigned Paper: Child Neglect

The topic I chose to write about for this paper is on child neglect. The title of the article that I researched is Child Neglect: A National Concern Written by Kathleen L. Shenk. The article is about the obligations parents or caregivers should have for the well-being of their children. “In 2009 U.S. department of Health and Human Services reported over 80% of approximately 2,000,000 child maltreatment reports with a disposition including neglect.” The article goes over what neglect is and the different types. Some types of neglect that are stated are physical neglect which could be leaving a child at home alone for long periods of time or inadequate nutrition, clothing and hygiene. medical neglect which can occur when the parent simply ignores or fails to attend to the child’s medical needs. emotional neglect consists of the parent or caregiver not showing the child proper love and affection, also the use of verbal assaults such as name calling. Emotional neglect is the most difficult to detect and document because there is no physical evidence. The last type of neglect that is talked about is educational neglect which consists of the parent not to enroll the child in school or leaving them out of school for long periods of time without a valid reason. Children that suffer from neglect can have a lot of problems that will affect them later on in life. “They are more likely to experience delayed physical and mental development, language deficits, and neurological impairments. In addition, they are more at risk for behavioral problems, poor social skills, low academic achievement, extended poverty, unemployment, and even chronic illnesses.” The article goes over some great strategies parents and caregivers should consider for preventing any forms of neglect, such as 1. “Developing timely and comprehensive family assessments that consider individual family members and focus on services for the...
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