Child Molestation

Topics: Child sexual abuse, Sexual abuse, Child abuse Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Child Molestation

By: Nellee N. Gholson

Many want to know what goes on in the mind of a child molester? What could possibly possess someone to harm an innocent child? Will they ever be able to get help? Some child molesters state that they do it because of a sexual addiction or because they were molested as a child but not all people who were molested as children become child molesters or rapists. Statistics show that most child molesters are capable of molesting several victims before they ever get caught. It is also shown that boys and girls are at equal risk for sexual abuse. (online: family services) Eighty percent of child molesters are male and a small twenty percent are female. Once a child has finally got enough courage to tell someone about the abuse it usually takes multiple people before the police are ever called. (Online: family services)

Who is a child molester? There are several different “types” of child molesters. As stated by Family Services, there are three different types, Intra-famial, Pedophiles, and Sexually violent offenders. (online: family services) An Intra-Famial molester will molest their own children, other relatives and neighbors. Most have several victims yet will lead average lives. If they are ever caught and convicted they can usually talk family our of reporting them to the police. There are some cases where treatment will help a Intra-Famial molester. A pedophile is considered sexually attracted to children, and they desire children. They often work and volunteer to be closer to children such as, teachers, coaches, and youth ministers. Some pedophiles do not believe they are doing any harm and are just showing a child love and affection. Most are single, live alone or have a marriage or relationship that is falling apart. Sexually violent offenders are the most dangerous and publicized. They kidnap, rape, physically abuse and even murder their victims. Treatment...
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