Child Labour Is Necessary Evil

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  • Published : May 27, 2008
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I am sure most of you would disagree with me when I say that child labour is a necessary evil but I hope after hearing what i have to say you will look at it differently India is a poverty stricken country.Statistics show that India HAs 16.5 million child labourers .Think of what would happen to them if a law was enforced banning child labour The main cause of this is lack of employment. Children are being forced onto the streets because they do not have any money for even one square meal a day. Nearly 30% of India’s population consists of the poorest of poor people with large families. These large families have to depend on the children to earn for and feed the family. Many of these parents are completely illiterate and have difficulties finding jobs.   As the saying goes, 'an idle mind is a devil's workshop'. in today's world, where drugs, smoking and other such activities take place everyday, children who don't have employment are tempted. Working will keep children away from such nefarious activities. Also, parents prefer to teach their children a skill at home rather than sending them to school for which attendance is a waste.Nearly 46 million out-of-school children are not in the workplace either. They are in a state of enforced “idleness”, performing some irregular activities’. By not being in school, they lack basic education, and by being idle, lack essential practical skills. Once they become adults, they will join the population of the ‘ignorant and unemployable’. As unemployment is steadily increasing, so is the crime rate.    Think about it. By employing a child, you are giving them a whole new outlook on life, a new scope for learning. You are giving them much more than schooling; you are giving them a different kind of education- encounters with life's experiences. They will learn things that they have never learnt before like hygiene and will be bound to share it with their fellow workers and families. If every poverty-stricken...
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