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Child Labour

By | April 2011
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A Simple GD topic: Is It Right To Ban Child Labour?
No. 1 : Friends, with respect to child Labour, India is an outlaw in the modern world. As Myron Weiner has argued, “Modern states regards education as a legal duty,” and, “Compulsory primary education is the policy instrument by which the state effectively removed children from the workforce.” In India, child Labour persists on a significant scale. Child Labour neither illegal nor is schooling level compulsory. Attitudes to child Labour among policy makers in India belie the modern progressive view of child hood being a period of learning through school, and not a period of employment. Child Labour is predominantly a rural phenomenon. Rural areas account for 85 percent of child workers and the incidence of child Labour is higher in rural areas than in urban areas. Almost 80 percent of estimated child workers are employed in the agricultural sector. Nevertheless , there are some urban pockets with a high incidence and visible concentration of child Labour in specific industries such as gem policing in Jaipur, slate making in Larkspurs, and silk weaving in Varanasi. Although the incidence of child Labour has declined over the years, clearly it remains the big problem. Furthermore, there are large number of children who are not recorded as working but who are not attending school either, and can be viewed as potential child workers. Therefore I completely agree that baning of child Labour will help in uplifting the conditions of the children in general, and the society, at large. No. 2 : Friends, it is a welcome step on the part of Government to ban child Labour, however the current legislation in India does not ban all forms of child Labour. The child Labour (prohibition and regulation) Act, 1986, is concerned only with “the engagement of children in certain employment” and accordingly lists specific occupations (part A) and process (part B) in which the employment of children is banned or is to be...

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