Child Labour

Topics: Child Labor, Childhood, Labour law Pages: 8 (2561 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Research Proposal Submitted In The Partial Fulfillment Of Requirement Of RMT| |
STUDENT NAME: Chaudhry Ahsan Riaz|

SUPERVISOR: Mohammad Ayub Siddiqui

The issue of child labor has taking hype now a days. Child labor is one of the major problem for developing countries. The future of these children is on risk. There is a need to eliminate this issue from the world in order to make the future generations secure. There are laws to control this but these laws should be implemented.|

Child labor means the employment ofchildren who have completed less than 18 years. In recent years the problem of child labor must take attention from the media. Child labor is a major problem for developing countries. The future of these children are at risk. .To solve this problem, first we should know that what are the factors affecting child labor only then we can solve this problem of child labor around the world and made ​​the future of these children safe. I choose this topic for telling our society, inparticular to give statistics on child labor and to tell them this is our problem, we had to resolve it, in order to protect our children, certainly the future of our children and I also choose this topic to bring the matter to any suggestions, that relieve this problem. All countries in the world on this thing, that child labor is not desirable agreed. By reading the history, we came to know that child labor has begun before the Industrial Revolution, without knowing their growth after the industrial revolution. Asia has the largest number ofchild workers in the world. ILO estimates 52 million children work in 1979 increases to78.5 million UNICEF in 1991estimated the number of working children is 90 million and by simply banning child labor is not enough to reduce it. As knight, (1980 p17) notes that child labor is prohibited by law only the law cannot protect these children workers because they are legal.focus on people, particularly education and poverty in the subject. Most of the people said that the most important variables which effects on child labor is poverty but parental education and intelligence of children and debt bondage, and traditions are also important variables,that effects child labor. If we want to reduce the child labour then we had to take some serious actions.


Jensen, P and S Nielsen H. writes an article in January 1997 and the primary purpose of this study is to examine the effects of things on schooling and child labor in developing countries by using data from Zambia. The analysis of their study suggest that both economic and sociological variables are important given the choice between school and child labor. In this study, they came to know that poverty is the main cause of child labor and poverty are the cause that forces parents, to keep their children away from school. For this reason, child labor is increasing in the less developing countries. One of the main results of this study is that girls leave school earlier than boys in Zambia and why girls leave school earlier because they are burdened with household chores and their marriage will be held earlier than boys.

                                                                    Mitra, S September 1994.His study was a large slum in Calcutta. This paper shows the results for the entire lives of children, and he works mainly focus on socio-cultural factors. The main findings of this study is that 85% of working children not attending school. While 85% of children would not work regularly, although they are the same socio-cultural environment and had the same school as living area. The 15% of children who are part-time jobs were in school. By conducting this study, the researchers have come to know that poverty is the main cause...
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