Child Labour

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Child Labor
One day my mom asked me, “Aishwarya, can you make a cup of tea for me?” I thought for a while and told her that Do you think I am a child labor whom you can exploit like this? She felt uneasy at my rude behaviour. I was expecting a reply from her But without saying even a single word she got up and made the tea herself.

The reply came finally after few months when we were on vacation in India.

Good evening judges and gavelliers,

On a Sunday morning my mum took me out, believe me I had no idea what was she upto .We then went to a nearby restaurant, I saw some children of my age working as servants over there, serving as waiters, cleaning utensils and working in kitchen. I was totally floored by seeing that. That’s when my mother told me, “Do you know what child labour actually means???It means that the children who are exploited and are forced to work. They can not enjoy their childhood, do not get education and grow up to become wretched human beings who are dangerous to society like thieves and robbers.

Child labour is the employment of children under an age determined by law or custom.

However, child labour is not a universal problem. There are no child labour developed all over the world. It is present in developing and underdeveloped world. There are more than 5 million children less than 15 years of age are working as laboureres today .

Some of them are as young as 5, 2 million of them are under 15 and many of them are doing hazardous work and operating dangerous tools or machineries. They are working on farms, plantations, mines, or even construction site, breathing in noxious fumes and exposed to harsh chemicals or dangers. Of every 100 children, more than half will never finish school, escape poverty or even have a decent job.

So, how can we stop child labour? We can solve these problems by improving child labour legislation and laws and also by increasing access to education. Many countries have national child...
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