Child Labour

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The primary objective of this essay is to investigate what has caused child labour to become a glaring issue in our society until the present day and look at possible solutions. A lot has been done but little achieved in this ongoing fight. Many international organisations such as ILO and UNICEF are deeply concerned by rising child labour in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to name but a few. Children work for many reasons, the most important being poverty and the pressure suffered by them to escape from it. Many of these children endure lives of complete and utter deprivation and abuse. However, there are problems with the intuitive solution of instantly abolishing child labour to prevent such abuse, as the conclusion at the end of this essay will later identify.

Literature Review

The problem that my research will address is why has child labour increased in some countries in recent years and what are the solutions to these causes. The main sources of information that I have identified as relevant are mainly websites set up by international organisations such as ILO, OECD and UNICEF. Accelerating action against child labour, ILO Global Report 2010 This is a global report that offers comprehensive data and analysis on the problem of child labour. The author is the International Labour Organisation and it is considered to be of high authority. It is mainly quantitative in its approach and deals with methodology, policy formation as well as execution. The report consists of four parts. Part one discusses changes in global trends that have occurred since 2006 Global Report was published. Part two reviews the progress made in implementing the Global Action Plan. Part three identifies major challenges and how they can be addressed. Finally, part four examines steps to be taken toward the goal of eliminating the worst forms of child labour by 2016. The language used in the report is rational. The report contains a lot of graphs and tables to support statements that are made. I find it of major significance to my research question.

Child labour “Child labour exists because we allow it to exist” The author of the book is Joanna Rea and Development Education Unit, Concern Worldwide. It is considered an authority. Topics that are looked at in this book are the history of child labour, child labour today, child labour and education, big business and child labour, the consumer and child labour, and taking action against child labour. The language used is rational. The arguments presented are fully supported by various pieces of evidence and are balanced. The book contains a list of useful websites at the end and is very easy to read and understand. I found the book to be particularly persuasive and helpful in my research.

"Police recently raided a Bangkok sweatshop that produced paper cups and rescued 31 children who had been locked in a small room. Not one was older than 13....They were emaciated and suffering from malnutrition. They had been beaten so badly that they needed to be carried to freedom....They told of being thrashed if they failed to make 700 cups a day, by hand....the owner....gave them amphetamine tablets [to keep them awake and working longer hours]....One 13 year old told police he had been beaten unconscious twice when he tried to escape." Child labour has been occurring throughout the world for a very long time. The extract from an article above might seem like something out of a bad movie however, it is a genuine description of child labour in 1991. What might be even more surprising is the fact that this is still a reality in the world today in spite of all the steps taken by the legal machinery to prevent it from happening. The practice has not been eradicated. It persists as a world phenomenon in spite of various child labour laws. It even appears to be on the increase in some countries....
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