Child Labour

Topics: Emotion, Slavery, Laborer Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: February 7, 2013
The two articles “A Dollar a day” written by Angus McDonald and “Workers, Not Slaves” by Jenny Price both aim at those who are either interested in the treatment of child laborers or are a part of a business who’s operations involve the use of child laboring. McDonald voices his arguments with disgust, anger and outrage contending that thousands of child laborer’s, some as young as eight are being exploited into working long hours, in some of the world’s worst conditions for as little as a dollar a day. Price, however in response to this Jenny Price states that the images and articles published about such labor is very misleading and purposely uses emotional and provocative language to persuade readers to believe it all is horrible, however in actual fact is a very well earning and lifesaving employment opportunity for these kids.

Starting with his(McDonald) article, “A Dollar a Day” published on the 29th of July, 2009 immediately grabs readers attention with the implementation of a pun, coupled with negative connotations in his sub title, “Sweatshop kids pay a hefty price for glamour garments” this use of the pun “hefty price” in context suggests that these kids are not only creating these expensive attires but the damage it does to their young bodies is a large price they pay for the small amount of income earned, the play on words helps to attract reader’s attention, therefor getting readers to instantly notice the author’s viewpoint. Secondly the words “sweatshop” and “kids” used together strongly advocates negativity in the audience and their opinions towards them, thinking of children in sweatshops would cause most people to react against it and making reader’s side with the author.

Following this, the author employs an anecdote in combination with emotive language of a young Indian boy who is one of many in what is now a thriving industry of sweatshops,” 10-year-old Manu focuses with tired eyes on the task at hand… He will do this for 12 hours...
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