Child Labor - Essay

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Childhood Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Jazrah CandaoSocial Science 3
Rm. B2B3:30- 4:30
1st yr. BSTMOct 10, 2011

Child Labor

Child labor is one of the common things we can see nowadays, every child in this world deserves happiness but because of poverty some of them work for their parents for them to have money. Imagine how these child workers depraved from experiences the joys of childhood. These poor children never get to play outside or enjoy a simple game. Child labor is an upsetting experience for anyone involved in it, we must make a move so that this child labor will not continue; the world must bond as one to create coalitions and companies that support child laborers, and as we can see the children work to earn money and sometimes none, and as we can see sometimes the children are treated like a slave for an age of 3 and up. Children all over the world are suffering from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that transpires from child labor. Child labor may be harm to the child health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development, it is not only harmful to the health of children, but it takes away their chances for an education, simply takes away from childhood.

Child labor is really a social problem in our society there are many reasons to why it was considered such first is it an illegal, our Constitution deeply prohibits this act that it only mandates children to receive proper education and the right to live as children. Lawfully speaking, it is a social problem because our society rejects child labor yet its condition persists. I’ve learned a lot to what we had watched because every people and children deserves happiness but in their case I cant see any laughter or smile in their faces when they work, sometimes I don’t eat my whole food but only just a half of it that’s why I also learned that the children are working just to have food not money but they work hard for it. Belena, labeled as “batang hornal” was interviewed and she honestly said...
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