Child Labor and Child Education in Bangladesh

Topics: Poverty, Economics, Labor Pages: 13 (4621 words) Published: May 15, 2013
International Business Research

Vol. 3, No. 2; April 2010

Child Labor and Child Education in Bangladesh: Issues, Consequences and Involvements Md. Aoulad Hosen Ph.D Fellow & Assistant Professor, Economics Discipline, National University, Bangladesh Tel: 880-191-101-0130 E-mail:

Mohammad Sogir Hossain Khandoker (Corresponding Author) Chairman, Academic Committee, MPhil & PhD Program, Business Studies Group Ph.D Fellow & Assistant Professor, Finance and Banking Discipline, National University, Bangladesh Tel: 880-119-047-6187 E-mail:

S. M. Mujahidul Islam Lecturer, Marketing Discipline, National University, Bangladesh Tel: 880-171-259-1807 Abstract The concepts of child labor and child education both are inversely linked with each other in terms of execution. Child labor does not allow child education and vice versa. Between the two types of economic ideologies normative approach promote child education but other ideology i.e. positive approach have preferred child labor. It is factual that, child labor, however, become a burden for every economy. It is a serious problem in any nation. Economy never accepts child labor and the high volume of child labor creates liability on economy. Any job of children always treated as the problem of underemployment through the labor market framework and all child work are strongly prohibited by ILO. The main aims of this paper find out the basic causes of children are recognized as child labor and try to know the causes behind existence a negative relationship between child education and child labor. In Bangladesh, the volume of child labor is so high, near about 4.7 million children, age limit of 5-14 years of age were economically active and percentage of labor force participation rate was 13.4 in the year 2002-03 [National Child Labor Survey (NCLS)]. On the other hand, the figure of informal activities of children is higher than above figure. If we compare with South–Asia, our labor force participation rate is higher than rest of the nations. So policy maker should concentrate to ameliorate education of children and reduce child participation (reduce in number) in economic activity as well as unpaid work. Keywords: Child Labor, Issues, Consequences, Interventions, Child education, Market framework 1. Introduction: A nation has lost huge potential resource because of the employment activities of children. If a society desire to get qualified person, they must forgo the presence of child labor in economy. Every nation as well as family would like to make his or her children as a qualified person. Although many reasons are involved in child labor but poverty are the main reason and this cause mostly appearing in Bangladesh. Child labor engages in formal and informal sector in Bangladesh. Children are working mainly in rural areas, because most of the poor and vulnerable parents live in remote villages. They do not have enough ability to take all the responsibilities of their children. Majority of the parents can only afford to offer the food and lodging but they cannot afford the educational expenses of their children. But education is the basic right of a children and only education can make him or her resourceful person and be a good quality citizen as well. But in reality, poor parents get relief when their children earn some money and accomplish the family needs. There is no alternative way to develop our nation without improving humane resource development. If we want to do so, our children should get proper education and training facilities which will bring up him or her to apply in our nation building activities. Though it is a long-run achievement and poverty creates obstacle to arrive at this destination. So we need increasing role and close monitoring of government to continue child education. Government has been taken different activities to do the same. We assess the government activities of child-education and find out a way, to...
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