Child Hunger

Topics: Poverty, Unemployment, Hillsboro, Oregon Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: February 24, 2012
Oregon is facing a predicament in feeding its population. Food insecurity for many families across the state has increased due to the economic crisis that was born from the recession that started in 2007. Hunger is a societal disease that inflicts the young and old alike. The symptoms and their affect can be seen in many institutions of our communities. The prognosis for this sickness facing many Oregonians is not good, but it is definitely curable. We only need to accept the truth that people are going hungry next door and stand together and demand more from ourselves.

Snow-CAP of Gresham has seen an increase in it assistance grow from 4000 to 10000 people since 2007 (Stine, M. 2011). Over 785,000 people in the state of Oregon are receiving food stamps, which is an increase of 60% over the last three years (Read, R. 2011). The Oregon Food Bank has for the first time distributed more than a million emergency food boxes to the needy, this represents a 30 percent increase since 2007 ( Hillsboro Argus, 2011). The combination of a statewide unemployment of 10 percent and increase of low wage workers has increased the amount of Oregonians living below the poverty line to approximately 500,000 (Hillsboro Argus, 2011). These numbers include record amount of children, giving Oregon the distinction of leading the nation in childhood hunger. The numbers have continuously grown over the last 4 years as more of the unemployed lose their benefits or join the ranks of the working poor.

Many food banks depend receiving food from the government when they purchase excess agricultural products to support farm prices, but this subsidy is being cut back, which has many food bank managers worried (Read, R. 2011). As unemployment number’s increase and properties go into foreclosure, there has been a decrease in revenue for federal and state governments. These has caused a cutting back of funding for social programs, education, work assistance and food stamps in the time of their...
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