Child Hood Hunger

Topics: Malnutrition, Africa, Poverty Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Childhood Hunger
As you may or may not know there is severe childhood hunger all around the world. You may or may not be wondering what you can do about this. Well, if you are, you may want to listen up. For those who don’t want to do anything about these children an there lives I hope you change your mind after reading this. Children of all ages and in many countries such as Africa, Haiti, Asia, South America and many other places around the world go to bed hungry .Many days they only have one very small meal a day some days they go without food. Now in days it`s very common for children to die of starvation and dieses from malnutrition. What should we as citizens of America do about this? Well many things. Just small efforts can change a child`s life. These efforts can be very small or large. Some ways you can help these people is by donating to organizations. Some organizations have it where you can donate money to buy these children meals for a certain amount of money. Or, you can adopt a child so you can buy them meals and pay for education and health expenses. One point two billion children in the world are hungry. Every day almost sixteen thousand children die from hunger related causes. That`s one child every five seconds. Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty. Hunger manifests itself in many ways other than starvation and famine. Many people who battle hunger deal with chronic nourishment and vitamin or mineral deficiencies .This results in stunted growth, weakness and heighted susceptibility to illness. This can affect their lives in many ways. However, there are some children in the worlds families can provide should don’t because they abuse there children. So because of this these children event thought they don’t deserve it will have many of these symptoms. That’s not including the infection, diseased and beatings these children already get in their daily lives. But sometimes it’s not noticeable in the children’s lives until they decide to...
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