Child Held Hostage During Robbery Newspaper Report

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News Report “Once Upon A Time”

Child held hostage during robbery
Cape Town, South Africa – Black tsotsi broke into White Mansion and held child hostage

On the evening of August 27, 1978 the Smiths were having a peaceful family dinner. Timmy, the 4 year old son, didn’t like the food on the table, and threw a fit and was sent up to his room. However, instead of going to his room, he went into his parents’ room where he found a tall black man climbing in through the window, after sawing the metal bars off.

After yelling at the top of his voice for help, Timmy’s mouth was violently covered with the thief’s hand and he was held at gunpoint.

When Timmy’s parents came scrambling into the room, they were ordered to place all their valuable items such as jewellery and money in a bag provided by the thief.

Luckily the trusted housemaid was watching from the bottom of the stairs and alerted the police as soon as she realized what was going on. The police were there within seconds and surprised the burglar from the back, pinning him down and arresting him.

“Please! I need money to feed my family! They can’t survive without me!” begged the crook.

The Smith family was known for being racist to people of colour and were looking extremely satisfied when the black man was caught and arrested.

An interesting point to note is that Mrs. Smith had been worrying about security and had just mentioned earlier that day about installing extra features.

“We are outraged at this attempted burglary and are glad justice is being served! We are going to enforce extra security features ASAP” said Mr. Smith as the criminal was being forced into a police car.

The burglar’s sentence will be announced next week.
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