Child Guidance

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Shaniece Walker
Child Guidance
I believe it is very important for parents and teachers to practice child guidance because they are the people that children look up to, while they are growing up. Especially parents, they are the first interaction that a child comes in contact with, so they are looking and observing every little thing that is being done and said. They are the ones that are a reflection of how a child will turn out when they get older. If a teacher is not fit to dealing with children them it will be seen, same for parents. If a parent is not able to distinctively access a child’s problem or interact with them this may cause problem in their social and emotional skills they have with other people. Parents and teachers are the ones that are supposed to be able to effectively communicate with children the dos and don’ts. When a child lacks social and emotional stability it may be hard for them to cope with people in the world. I would describe myself as strict, fair, easy and relaxed, because depending on a given situation any of these will be enforced. For example when I am strict it may be because I don’t want the child to do something they are not supposed to and I am trying to prevent anything from happening. Or, if the child is doing badly in school I would be strict about letting them go outside until they do better. An example of when I am fair is when something that was out of their control happened I will not punish them for it but speak to them about it because I know that things happen. The interaction style that most suites me is the authoritative style. Mostly because I don’t like to have children feel that they cannot be themselves while they are around me because they may be scared too.
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