Child Favoritism

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Child Favoritism
Do parents really have a favorite child? According to “The Science of Favoritism” by Jeffrey Kluger, yes, parents do have a favorite child although they try very hard to hide it. This article is about parents having a favorite child and the science behind it. It also talks about how nature plays a role in child favoritism, how favoritism is influenced by gender, and what it feels like to be the second best.

Not only does Jeffrey Kluger bring up great points throughout his article but he has many examples of real life situations from interviewing people. For example, when going and actually watching various siblings and parents, Catherine Conger, found that “70% of fathers and 65% of mothers actually do have a favorite child” (Kluger 44-50). She says that “these numbers are probably even higher because parents try very hard to try and hide their favoritism” (Kluger 44-50). The author relates child favoritism to how it works in nature. Parents want their kids to be the best and most successful out of all the other kids. Just like with animals, parents will pick the strongest, healthiest child to be the favorite and this is mainly because of genes and reproduction. Douglas Mock says that “we are like the black-eagle who has more than one kid for insurance purposes” (Kluger 44-50). The second or third child would be considered insurance in case the first kid is not strong or smart enough, but if the first child is superior then the policy is terminated. With gender roles in favoritism, the author states that the mother may pick the first son as her favorite and the father may pick the youngest daughter as his favorite. Douglas Mock shows many examples of how this is true and writes that girls will follow in their father’s footsteps where as the boys will follow in their mother’s footsteps. When talking about being second best, the article shows how not being the favorite is very hard on a child. Clare Stocker did a study on 136...
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