Child Development Patterns

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The answers below are a guide due to children progressing at different rates.

|Physical Development | |Age range |Explain the sequence and rate of development | |0-3 months |From birth, your baby's reflexes will allow her to turn her head to suckle when you touch her cheek. | | |She can flex and extend her fingers, arms and legs | | |By 1 month, her eyes can follow a moving light (she may be able to do this for only a few seconds) | | |Between 4 - 8 weeks, she will lift her head when put on her tummy | | |By 6 weeks, her eyes can move together most of the time | | |By 2 months, she will enthusiastically kick her legs | | |By 2-3 months, she can watch and follow a moving face | |3-6 months |Your child rolls over from front to back at about 4-6 months | | |Is able to lift head and chest when on his tummy by 4 months | | |When on tummy will lift and wave his arms and legs about | | |Begins to discover his hands belong to him and plays with fingers at about 3-4 months | | |Grabs and plays with his toes when lying on back about 4-5 months | | |Is able to hold objects for brief periods at 3-4 months | | |Brings toys and objects to his mouth if put in his hand | | |Swipes at dangling objects 3-4 months, but usually misses | | |Sits up when being held by his hands but topples over if left in sitting position | | |Grabs for a toy such as a block or rattle at around 5 months | | |Is able to support own weight when stood on feet (but not ready to walk) | | |When being held he grabs at hair, spectacles, other objects like badges or chains | |6-9 months |By 6 months, she holds objects and takes them to her mouth | | |Between 6 - 8 months, she is learning to hold and drink from a cup (usually with some assistance) | | |By 7 months, she can hold a spoon, but she can't purposefully use it | | |By 7 months, she is beginning to eat a solid food diet | | |By 8 months, she can sit without any support | | |By 8 months, she can move around by creeping or rolling | |9-12 months |By 10 months, he can move...
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