Child Development Observation Report

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Observation Of An Adolescent
Brandon Alexander

During my observation of my 7 year old nephew, Xavier Washington, I noticed he doesnt like to play outside,in his neighborhood during the week . He puts in 20-25 hours a week playing video games. His selection of video games are pretty muture, ranging from first person shooters to Super Mario Bros. He also plays basket ball on a team at his youth center.

I approached him during the week to ask him my 10 questions,he happen to be playing video games and couldnt focuse on me so i came back earlier the next day to ask him before he started his homework.

1. do you have a best friend?

A. yes, i have alot of best friends.

2. whats you favorite video game?

A. "I like super smash brothers but all my friends play call of duty 4. we play after school."

3. What your favorite tv show?

A. "Sponge bob"

4. Do you have dreams? What happened?

A. "Yes, i had a dream about my basket ball game, but in my dream we won and i got more points."

5. what do you want to be when you grow up?

A. A zoo keeper. i really like tigers

6. Do you ever get mad?

A. yes, when my mom make me sharre my candy with my brother, or when she won't let me play outside.

7. what do you hate doing?

A. "Cleaning my room."

8. who is your favorite person?

A. "my mom."

9. Why is she your favorite?

A. "because she loves me the most."

10. Are the kids at school ever mean to you?

A. No, they used to be last year, but now we play on the same team.

i realling enjoyed my observation. watching him i noticed he really just likes to enjoy life. We both have the same taste in video games, which is odd for a 7 year old. he answers were right to the point, but he also knew to explain some reason to his answers. i think he is on track and doing what kids are supposed to do.
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