Child Development, Effects of Daycare

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  • Published : January 26, 2011
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Child Development

Unit 4 Project
Child Care A vs. Child Care B
PS 220-01
Kaplan University

The earliest years are some of the most important for the development of a child. This is where the foundation is set for the years to come. The surroundings of a child in their first years are very crucial in their social and cognitive development. With all this in mind, it is necessary to be thorough and painstaking in your research into a day care facility that is being considered for your child’s care. In this case, there are two possible facilities for placing eight month old Tyree. Child Care A, which has a clean, safe, environment rich in things to learn and areas to play. There are many teachers, allowing for a great amount of interaction for the child, even during changing times. Overall, it seems like this is a great choice for the little girl, and that she would benefit from her surroundings while being safe and properly cared for. Second, is Child Care B, which has all of the safety and cleanliness of A, but has less to offer as far as toys and space. Child Care B also has fewer teachers available, which will impact the direct interaction the child receives, such as being held. When weighing the two facilities, there is another factor to consider, cost. Being that Child Care A’s services are a bit superior; it is more expensive than the latter option. Tyree’s parents, John and Sue, could afford the higher cost of A, but are concerned with saving money. John also wondered if the setting mattered so much given Tyree would sleep during a great deal of her time there. As mentioned earlier, the infancy period is vital to the future of the child, and because of this great importance, I feel that Child Care A is the best and most beneficial choice for Tyree. In such an important developmental stage, cost should not be at the top of the list of criteria for choosing a daycare. There are several reasons why Child Care A stands out as the...
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