Child Development Chart from Birth to 19

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Child physical, communication and intellectual, social, emotional and behavioural development from birth to 19 years.

Physical development
Communication and intellectual, social development
Emotional and behavioural development
0-2 months
Knows mother by her smell. Will turn head toward sounds. Is only able to see clearly a distance of around 2 feet
Has different
Response to mothers and fathers. Tends to be calm and relaxed with mother. Is forming strong bond to mother Begin to be excited and active around father. Can copy facial expressions of adults for example smiles or frowns When the parent

responds to the baby’s cries, the baby learns how to control his or her emotions and to calm him/herself down 3 months
Baby can hold rattle for a few moments, can hold head up for several seconds while lying on tummy, can grab at surface with hands Show eagerness when offered a milk. Visually alert and follow adults with eyes and also moves head.Love to play with hands and look at them. Presses palms together,and clasps hands. Coos and make sound response when adult talks to baby.Can show distress to loud noises.Enjoys routines such as bath ,feeding time Can ‘tell’ when something is wrong cries differently when his/her nappy is wet and differently when hungry or in pain.Smiles 6 months

Lifts head and chest up higher when lying on tummy.Rest weight on outstretched arms and flat palms.Will pull himself to sit when hands are held.Plays with feet when lying on back.Kick legs, bounces,rolls over. Can sit up when supported.Start to crawl.Get first teeth.Start to eat solid foods Starts to make tuneful sounds such as ‘muh muh’. Laughs to self when playing,screams with delight and with irritation. Turns head to familiar sounds, voices.Grabs toys with both hands, occasionally with one.Passes toy from hand to hand. Watches toy fall. Loves ‘reading’ books.May begin to cling to parent when the parent is about to leave.Learn that separation is not permanent.Respond to her/his name Manipulate toys very well and watch them at the same time.Loves rattles and and will grab one when offered and shakes it deliberately. Holds hands up to be lifted .Can feel happy, excited, fearful.Shows emotions by crying, facial expressions, sounds 9 months

Rolls along,may crawl.Sits up without supportPulls to standing.Not able to lower him/herself back downAttempts to walk along when handsare held. Recognises names.Points at books,pictures. Starts to hold small objects between thumb and forefinger.Splashes in bath deliberately.Still learns about the objects by putting them in mouth.Copies and repeat speech sounds.Stil uses two syllable sounds ‘dada’,‘baba’, ‘mama’Shouts for attention.Knows meaning of ‘bye’and’no’. Recognises family members. Unfriendly with strangers.Copies facial expressions.Loves simple games such as peek-a-boo(may join in) Interested in everything.Watches surroundings for a while when carried.Has favourite toys.Starts to have tantrums.Clearly demonstrates dislikes and likes by pushing away food ,drink or toys he/she doesn’t want.Shows strong emotions :happy,fearful or excited 12 months

Sits up from lying down.Crawls might crawl upstairs,bum shuffles.Try to walk holding onto furniture.Walks with hands held either one or both. Some may walk alone
Undestands simple words such as teddy,cup,flower.
May use a few words.Still copies others.Knows his/her name very well and respond to it.Follow simple instruction if wants to.Still put toys in mouth but less.Drinks fom cup with lid and feeds her/himself messily.Holds arm or foot out to help dress.Stares with great interest when outdoor for ages.Throws toys on purpose.Loves to make noise,sound by banging two blocks or toys together.Puts objects in and out from boxes.Shows preference for using left or right hand.Uses thumb,forefinger and middle finger Loves picture books.Can use action toys which produce sounds or an action when pushed,pulled, pressed.Does not like...
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