Child Development Chart for Moms

Topics: Puberty, Developmental psychology, Menstrual cycle Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Children development chart for moms (10 – 18)
PHYSICAL| Puberty for girls tends to start at the age of 11 and 13, how ever it may start earlier for some girls. Girls generally begin puberty before 13 where boys will start at a later age, often between 13 and 15. Puberty id a development stage in which the body is prepared for sexual reproduction. Girl’s sexual development during puberty includes enlargement of breast, the development of pubic hair, increased fat layers under the skin and menstrual periods. Boys will experience an enlargement of their testes and penis, the development of pubic and facial hair and a increase muscle strength. Boys will also experience their voice breaking which will cause a deeper tone. With these major changes with their body’s there attitudes and behaviour will change very differently.| INTELLECTUAL| According to Piaget the theorist he says that this stage in life is the concrete operational stage. This is where logical thinking is limited to practical situations. Your child in this stage will think logically provided the issue are ‘down to earth’ or concrete. They will be able to understand simple logical puzzles. | EMOTIONAL| This is where they will be able to identify their identity. During this stage your child will continue to develop. They need to develop a secure sense of identity. The identity theory was made by Erikson. Every child needs a clear understanding of identity in order to feel secure when working with other people or in order to make loving sexual attachment.| SOCIAL| During this stage of your child’s life their sense of self-worth may be more influenced by other people than a family member. Your child will copy the style of dress, beliefs, cultural values and their behaviour of their own friends. They have to cope with the development of their own sexuality and the social transition of full independence form the family.|
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