Child Development Chart

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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Child Development Chart PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT BIRTH-1 YEAR At birth: swallowing, sucking,rooting, grasp, startle, walking and standing reflexes. By 3 months: can hold head up when lying on front, play with fingers,hold rattles. By 6 months: reach out and grab, pass object from hand to hand, try to self feed with spoon, hold head steady, teeth appear, sit up in high chair, roll over from back to front, push up on their hands when on their front, lift up arms and legs while on front. By 9 months: crawling or shuffling, sit up unsupported, pincer grasp, objects explored by hands and mouth. By 1 year: standing up holding on, crawling efficiently, walking holding on, fully developed eyesight, self-feeding with fingers, can wave goodbye, developing fine motor control, can point. By 18 months: can walk, can walk up and down stairs with help, try to self-feed with spoon, pick up objects from floor when standing, jump with both feet, build a 2-3 brick tower, throw a ball, enjoy ride-on toys. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT, COMMUNICATION & LEARNING At birth: recognise mother's voice and smell. By 1 month: has different cries, responds to soothing voices, will focus on face of whoever is holding them. By 3 months: learnt difference between day and night, sleep through the night, less crying, first smiles. By 6 months: can focus on interesting objects, start to show understanding of language, try to communicate. By 9 months: more exploration of surroundings, babbling. Learning through exploration of surroundings using their 5 senses. By 1 year: know parents and main carers, cry when left with strangers, smile for parents, strongly bonded to parents, understand more of what's happening around them, notice what others are doing, understand more of what's said, beginnings of first words. By 18 months: understand that they are separate from parents, protest if they do not get what they want, developing language skills, several words, more understanding of language, start to develop a...
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