Child Development Chart

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Child development chart
Age| Physical| Communication| Social & Emotional| Cognitive| Moral| 0-6 months| Lifts leg;grasps foot.Lifts head.Rolls over frontto back.Eyes movein unison.Turns to carer’svoice.Vocalises, laughs.Puts everythingto mouth.| Turns head to soundMakes noises when happy.| Shows excitement at sounds, which he likes. Running bath water etc.Reacts happily to familiar situations.Smiles.| | | 6-12 months| Sits and crawls.May stand alone.Picks up smallobjects.Uses both hands.Knows and turnsto own name.Babbles.Drinks from cup.Stranger anxiety -likes to be withinsight and hearingof familiar adult/caregiver.| Laughs to self while playing, also screams with delight and with irritation. Babbles away to self, in melodically repetitive syllables, eg 'Mamamama'.Shouts for attention, waits and repeats.| Holds hands up to be lifted.Recognises family members. Loves peek-a-boo, and may join in.| | | 1 year| Stands holding furniture. Stands alone for a second or two, then collapses with a bump. Walks holding one hand. Bends down and picks up objects. Pulls to stand and sits deliberately. May walk alone. Holds spoon. Points at objects. Picks up small objects.| Understands certain simple everyday words, such as cup or teddy. May use a few words. Copies others. Knows own name well. Babbles in conversational tones. Understands many words. Obeys simple instructions like 'give me your cup!' Recognises and points to some body parts. Gives toy or familiar object to adult when asked.| Loves picture books.Greets familiar adults with great pleasure form some distance.Curious with new people.Still needs constant reassurance from parent/carer.| Explores objects in many different ways (shaking, banging, throwing, dropping).Finds hidden objects easilyLooks at correct picture when the image is named.Imitates gestures.Begins to use objects correctly (drinking from cup, brushing hair, dialing phone, listening to receiver)| | 2 year| Runs and...
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