Child Development 1-19

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Child Development – Research Task

Child Age of 0-12 months
Physical Development
3 Months
* Weak legs not strong enough to hold body weight.
* Can hold head up for several seconds without aid.
* Grasps toys, but cannot coordinate movement.
* Hands feel and touch objects, exploration through touch. 6 Months
* Moves arms purposefully
* Begins to roll and bounce.
* Will stand on legs when supported.
* Plays with feet when lying on their back.
* Will move and attempt to lift head when lying down.
9 Months
* May begin to crawl.
* Can lean in different directions to pick up objects.
* Attempts to walk when supported.
* Begins to sit up without aid.
* Can stand without help, but cannot sit.
12 Months
* Might crawl upstairs.
* Can move and sidestep around furniture.
* May stand alone for short periods of time.
* Pulls self to a standing position from sitting, and can know sit back down instead of falling. * Sits unaided for longer periods of time.
* May walk alone, but at this stage its preferred movement is crawling.

At this stage of the child’s development they are extremely physically active; however they are learning basic motor skills such as crawling. The child begins to become familiar with movement and other functions as the month’s progress.

3 Months
* Notices and reacts to the sound of the rattle. For instance the child stops crying when they hear it. * Makes a number of different noises when happy.
* Turns head to sound and noise other which aren’t familiar. 6 Months
* Laughs whilst playing, this is one of the first recognisable emotions shown by the child. * Screams with delight, excitement and irritation. The beginning of verbal communication. * The child listens and turns towards familiar voices and sounds. 9 Months

* Copies simple sounds.
* Shouts for attention, waits and repeats. This shows a basic understanding of communication. * Vaguely understands the meaning of words such as ‘No’ and ‘Bye’. * The child learns to communicate to a fuller extent through sounds. 12 Months

* Understands certain simple everyday words such as toy and cup. * Knows and reacts to their name.
* Begins to formulate a very limited vocabulary.
* Follows very simple, basic instructions.
* Uses some letters in the alphabet in vocalisation.
Communication in the child’s first year is based more upon sounds than words. This also means listening and interpreting what happens around them. They begin to understand and attempt to say familiar words, although it is largely dependent upon the child when they begin to communicate to a more advanced level.

Within the first year moral development isn’t really a factor. Whilst the child understands and reacts to words such as ‘No’ they are still learning the most basic of skills. Their intellectual and social skills are beginning to grow but so far they are still learning and understanding basic emotions such as happiness. Being able to determine right from wrong is not a skill the child will develop for a few years yet. Intellectual

3 Months
* Visually alert, the child follows objects and moves their head continuously. * They anticipate and show eagerness when offered milk.
* The child is fascinated by their own hands, they are learning from everything they touch. They love to look at their hands in particular. 6 Months
* They still forget about toys they have previously hidden. * Stares at toys within reach.
* More alert now and they eagerly watch people and objects. * Begin to use whole hand to hold toys.
9 Months
* Recognition of names, belonging to other people.
* Points at books and pictures.
* They still however use their mouth to touch and feel objects. * The child can drop objects but cannot place them.
* Splashes water deliberately in the bath for instance.
* Laughs at...
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