Child Case Study

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Attention, Hyperactivity Pages: 5 (1568 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Karen Pineiro
Child Case Study - Michael April 16th, 2013 SOWK 1103: Human Behavior In The Social Environment


Michael is a Caucasian five year old boy. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is the normal weight for a boy his age about 40 inches and 40 pounds. ( When he smiles it looks like his teeth are slightly black and rotting. He is wearing a black shirt and Spiderman sneakers that are not in the best condition. He enjoys to play video games and watch TV. When playing his games he becomes fixated on them and gets very angry and starts crying in frustration when he loses. He lives with his mom and sister, Jill who is nine years old and very well-mannered. He attends a public preschool five days a week full-time. He also has to attend the after-school program offered at his school being that his mother is the primary caretaker of the household and has to work. Michaels father sees him and his sister about once a week for 5 hours, as they are not allowed to stay overnight due to some criminal activities that his father committed. When he goes to his father's house he is there with his father's girlfriend and his grandparent's.

HEALTH Michael developed normally through prenatal, infancy, and the beginning of the toddler stage. When he was a toddler his mother noticed that he was having problems breathing. She took him to the pediatrician and that is when he was diagnosed with asthma. He was prescribed albuteral and was given a nebulizer to help with his breathing and it was to be administered at an at needed basis. At three years old he lost his front tooth. When he was four years old he lost another one and three of them looked like they were rotting. I believe that this is due to being malnourished. He does not eat many foods that are healthy. If he doesn't want what his mother has served him he will throw a tantrum and his mother will give in and give him junk food. When I was observing him during his soccer game he was constantly asking for a break so that he could sit down by his mother and eat Doritos, cookies, and drink juice. He was not out in the field for no more then five minutes. Michael has had behavior problems since he was a year and a half and at daycare. He was even suspended and eventually kicked out of his daycare when he was four years old. Incident reports were continuously being sent home because of behavior issues. Now at the age of five and being in the public school system he is being evaluated by the child study team for a possible diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. His father and uncle were diagnosed with ADHD when they were kids. He has never had any major hospitalizations, surgeries, or injuries.

SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS Being a single mother has really been a burden on Michael's mother, Jane. She is the sole provider for Michael and Jill and is living in poverty. She lives check to to check in hopes that maybe her fifty dollar per week payment will show up on her child support card. She also worries on a daily basis that when she gets into her car, it will start to transport her on her hour commute to work. She is not satisfied with her current occupation and her life as whole and constantly takes out her daily stresses on Michael and his sister.
Biological dimension refers to the role of biological systems-be they within our bodies (genetic predispositions), or outside (airborne pathogens that impact our functioning),...
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