Child Care Unit 1

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Amy Davis
D1 – Describe the purpose of one setting that is statutory provision for each age range The purpose of a statuary setting is provided by law, it is used to everybody gets the chance to have an education. What the settings offer; the nursery setting for children under the age of 5 offer numeracy and literacy skills for the children. The aim for nursery settings is to provide a happy and safe environment for both the children and parents. In some settings they have breastfeeding classes and family bonding sessions; this will give the children good nutrition and help children be protected from antibodies. The setting prepares the children for education, so they are well prepared for when they start infant school. It is very important that the children learn the basics before moving into infant school. The second setting Is a Primary school ages 5-7, they offer education for the children and parents to help the children when they get home with their homework or out of school education. This is also a statuary setting which means this is a free service, most if not all primary schools include ‘’PIESL’’ physical, intellectual, emotional, social and language development. Understanding this is all about learning to be in a group, different feelings and cultures. In this setting they are taught about the things listed above in depth ready for when they grow up.

D2 – Describe the purpose of one setting that is a different type of provision for each age range. In a small village the nursery group maybe run by volunteers in a church hall, they provide the children a safe and secure place to enjoy their days at the setting. They provide physical and mental education for the children and this setting is for children under the age of 5. Voluntary settings mean that the staffs aren’t paid and they are just doing it out the goodness of their heart. The staff may be run in a church hall or by some of the mums that live in the community that come together to run a nursery or playgroup for the young children in the area. For children 5-7 may attend a dance class this can also be run in a hall by the same sort of people. The dance class provides gross moter skills and able’s the children to express themselves and gives them confidence boosts in a safe environment.

D3 – Describe the work of a professional or an agency working with children A midwife is part of a group that aims women help pre and post natal care. They also care for the new born, emotional and physical needs of the mother. The midwife comes round to do some more tests and makes sure that the family is getting on okay with the new life of the child. Midwifes are based in a hospital it may be a statutory or private setting and both are there to care for the mother and child after and before the birth. Midwifes can be a part of the mother and child’s life after birth for up to a month and before during the whole pregnancy.

D4- Describe how to keep information about children and families confidential A record is kept of each individual child. The file can be referred to during the time of the setting for areas of concern, contact with the parents and for reports when the child is leaving to move on to infant school. The person or family member giving consent needs to understand why information has to be shared, what will be shared, who will see their information as well as the purpose to which the information will be used. Organisations that deal with children need to have procedures laid out on the protection of information (data protection act) so it is really important for the practitioner to abide by these rules and the code of conduct to ensure the safety of the children in the setting. For example, when speaking about a child outside of setting we should refer to them as ‘a child’ not talking about them by name or gender. Another example, in setting if a parent of a child wanted someone else to pick them up from the nursery or school...
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