Child Care Report Essay

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How procedures for accidents, illness, injuries and emergencies are followed effectively

It is important while working with children that procedures are set in place and followed effectively to avoid illness or injury through boundaries that are created to protect children within that environment. These procedures may be there to protect children from that environment, People in that environment or an unexpected emergency. In the case of an emergency it is vital that procedures are in place to ensure that accidents are prevented.

Explanation of key procedures for dealing with accidents in a child care setting To ensure that children are safe within a child care setting it is important to regularly review the environment in which they are in. Regular risk assessment should take place and be kept up to date with review over the accident log book to ensure that staff are dealing with accidents appropriately and they are reported to the appropriate people. Details should be taken down of the staff in charge or the witnesses of the accident and they should deal with it effectively. This could be through informing the appropriate people or just the correct treatment for the child. The first aid box should regularly be checked for the correct equipment and staff should be kept up to date within all training involving practical exercises that involve accidents that may occur. This box should be taken on any outings or trips and a list of the children attending’s health issues. A first aider should deal with any injuries and decide upon best course of action. There should also be a first aider present on duty at all times with other members of staff being able to identify the first aiders.

Staff should deal with the child as a priority and there should be procedures in place for how to deal with major and minor injuries this ensures that the children are kept safe. There should be the appropriate staff to child ratio so that in the event of an accident the injured child will receive treatment from a first aider while another member of staff can take care of the other children. The injured child should then be observed for the rest of the day, particularly if a head injury to identify any strange behaviour. The parents of the child should be notified in order for observation of their behaviour at home. The record of this accident should be recorded and signed by the appropriate person and the parents of the child. In an emergency 999 should be dialled and if parents cannot arrive on time then a member of staff will accompany the child.

Explanation of key procedures for dealing with illnesses are followed effectively in a child care setting – Within a child care setting it is important that there are certain policies which give information on illnesses of children within the environment. This is usually a formal document. In most child care settings the staff are obligated to ensure that the health and wellbeing of children in their care is of the upmost importance. To ensure this any risks posed to children or staff within the nursery is minimised, by ensuring that attendance to the nursery is decided upon by judging whether there is a definite risk of spreading illness. If a child becomes ill while present at the nursery then the manager would need to investigate any symptoms and decide further actions for example contacting parents, necessary medication or exclusion from the nursery. Any child that has an illness or condition that is deemed infectious and could bring harm to t hose within the nursery shouldn’t attend. If a child is suffering from particular contagious illnesses then the staff should immediately consult the manager, gain contact with the parents of the child. If one of the more serious infections is suspected, such as meningitis then an ambulance should be called straight away. For any illness suspected the child should be isolated from the rest of the class to minimise the...
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