Child Care Level 3

Topics: Discrimination, Egalitarianism, Equality and Human Rights Commission Pages: 7 (2768 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Unit 3- supporting children
E1- identify FIVE(5) pieces of legislation.
There are many different legislations that influence working practices in a setting for children, all of which are to ensure that children and kept safe and well at all times. One legislation is Protection Of Children Act 1999, this act was put into place to ensure everybody working with children are suitable to do so, this can be done by ensuring staff and volunteers have completed a Criminal Records Bureau. (CRB) Another legislation is the United Nations On The Rights Of A Child, (UNCRC) this act was put into place in 1989 and gives children under the age of 18 their own rights. There are 5 different parts of this law. Another legislation is the Equality Act 2006, this act was put into place to ensure everybody was treated equally regardless to age, sex, religion, race ect. Childcare Act 2006 is another legislation put into place to ensure children’s welfare. The childcare act provides a learning framework called the Early Years Foundation Stage. (EYFS) Another legislation is the Sex Discriminations Act 1975, this act makes it illegal to discriminate due to gender. E2- Describe how each piece of legislation will influence working practices in the setting. The Child Protection Act 1999 came into force in October 2000, the main aim of this act is to ensure everybody working with children in suitable to do so. ‘The Protection of Children Act 1999 came into force in October 2000 and introduced the Protection of Children Act (PoCA) List in which the Secretary of State has a duty to record the names of individuals who are considered unsuitable to work with children. Organisations working with children are required to check the register before employing individuals, and required to add to the list anyone that fulfils certain criteria making them unsuitable to work with children.’ ( Before employing workers it is important to complete a CRB, this then ensures all workers are free from criminal records and are safe to work in the environment. The united Nations On The Rights Of a Child (UNCRC) is a legislation to ensure children have their own rights, there are 5 main parts of this act they are- * Reinforces the importance of fundamental dignity

* Highlights and defends the families role in children’s lives. * Seeks respect for children
* Endorses the principle of non- discrimination
* Establishes clear obligations for member countries to ensure that their legal framework is in line with the preventions of the convention. This act is broken up into 54 different articles, these include, Article 2 (Non-discrimination), Article 3 (Best interests of the child), Article 12 (Respect for the views of the child), Article 16 (Right to privacy) The Childcare Act 2006 provides the legal framework for the Government’s Ten year Strategy for Childcare, it reforms and simplifies the regulatory framework, and places new duties on local authorities to, improve outcomes for under 5s and reduce inequalities, secure sufficient childcare to meet needs and provides access to information and advice for parents. The Equality Act 1996 came into force in autumn 2007, the main part of this act is the establishment of the commission for equality and human rights. This Act enforces equality on age, sex, disability, religion, race, and sexual orientation and encourages compliance with the Human Rights Act 1998. This act made it illegal to discriminate due to differences.

The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 was put into place to make it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of gender. An example of this is a setting could be a qualified male worker not being allowed to be left alone with a child, purely because of his gender. This act covers wage as well as services and education.

E3- Describe how the policies and procedures with help safeguard children....
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