Child Care Level 3

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Human rights, Need Pages: 5 (1655 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Unit 8 E1/A
I have collated evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in meeting the children’s care needs. The evidence can be found in my appendix. The evidence I have collate includes the information on compliance with legal requirements , meeting needs and supporting rights of the children, working in a team with other professional’s, working with families, training and development, inclusive practice/ attitudes and values, positive environment and care of themselves( the practitioner). When practitioner are caring for children they will need to meet the legal requirements could include legislation such as human rights act 1998,uncrc, children act 1989/children act 2004 and equality act 2006. Human right act helps practitioners care for children and support their care need by not letting placement use smacking or canning as a punishment even if a parent consents to it because this is seen as degrading and violation of a child’s right. The human right act wasn’t specifically designed to protect children but they accorded the same rights as adults. This mean that they have a right to have a dignity, respect and fairness in the way they are treated. However the human right acts means parents of children are also protected. The next legislation is united nations convention of the right of the child (UNCRC) this piece of legislation gives children and young people their own special right under the age of 18 years old. The Uncrc endorse the principles of non-discrimination which gives them the right to be protected from all forms of discrimination. The legislation is used in settings to protect children from being bullied and help with their emotional as well as their care needs. Children act 1989/children act 2004 was made clear that children and young people views has to be taken into thought when decisions about their future where being made children act 1989 widens the ranging and covers child protection parental responsibility and the inspections of the setting. The children act 2004 allowed the government to provide a legal framework for the every child matters programme. This act is designed to ensure the different services for children and young people work more effectively together. These 2 legislation help children’s care needs because children and young people are involved with planning their own future such as the schools they are going to. Also to work together to keep children and young people safe and help the care needs by providing a safe environment where they can play. Equality act 2006 will enforce equality legislation on age, disability and health , gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or transgender and encourages compliance with human rights act 1989. The children feel equal to one another and no child will be left out on an activity or group, conversations or work act this is because everyone is equal. It is important to meet the care needs and supporting the right of children through current framework. The early years foundation stage (EYFS) which has 5 main principles that link into children’s care need. A unique child which is healthy and safety which is described by Maslow’s. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is done to be able to think about every child’s care needs. The hieracry needs is split into 4 different sections. Physical which is a basic physical needs such as warmth, food, clothing and shelter. Emotional security and protection from any kind of threat. Social is love , friendship and acceptance. Intellectual is about self-respect, self-confidence, competence and education. 1

Maslow suggested that children can’t reach their full potential unless the child has reached emotional, intellectual and social. However without children reaching their basic needs then they cannot move on to the next stages of their care needs. Another one is positive relationships with children when working and...
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