Child Care Level 2 Unit 1

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Unit 1

D1 Describe the purpose of one setting that is a statutory provision for each age range.

Setting 1. Sure Start for children under 5.
The purpose of a sure start centre is to provide a safe environment for a child whilst their parent is at work. Sure Start focus on a lot of children with a disadvantage, so they can still have the same opportunities as everybody else, no matter what they’re background or family circumstances D7(52)

Setting 2. Primary School
The purpose of a primary school is to teach children how to start reading, writing, spelling and simple maths. They also learn manners, and how to be a part of a class, and how to be in a group. Primary school sets the children up ready for their next step in life.D7 The curriculum the children do is compulsory, they have to do it, the government provide this.(68)

D2 Describe the purpose of one setting that is a different type of provision for each age range.

Setting 1 Day Nursery for children under 5.
The purpose of a day nursery is for parents that work and need someone to look after their child, in a safe environment. The nursery would set out a number of different activities throughout the day. Activities such as, drawing or messy activity, outside play, where the children would normally have toys such as bikes or cars. Or simple activities like setting up a hairdressing station. A day nursery is a private provision as the parents have to pay to have their child there. The government don’t fund this. (89)

Setting 2 Badgers (After school club) for children aged 5 and 10 Badgers is an after school club for children aged between 5 and 10. It helps children develop on life skills, such as first aid, arts and crafts. They work towards an award at the end of it. They go through a process of getting different paws (awards) which they get from completing subjects. First it’s a membership paw, then a bronze paw, silver, gold and then a super paw. “A Badger becomes a super Badger when they have completed twelve subjects.” (St John Ambulance (2012) Welcome to Badgers (online) Anybody can go to badgers, no matter if they have a medical condition, or other problems such as money worries, children can still goD7 (69)

D3 Describe the work of a professional or an agency working with children

Nursery Assistant
A nursery assistant has a duty of care to every child they work with, they have to make sure the child is safe and happy at all times, and if there is some kind of problem then they need to inform the proper authorities if that is necessary. They also have duties such as cleaning, maintaining the environment for the children, interacting, and teaching. Also things like hygiene, making sure children wash there hands after the toilet, messy play or being outside. A nursery assistant also needs to inform parents if there is a problem with the child whilst they are at the nursery. Also, part of their job is to observe children, to see if they are getting on ok, to see if they are developing at the right stage. A nursery assistant has to play their activities with the children, so risk assessments on everything so the children are safe.(152)

D4 Describe how to keep information about children and families confidential

How to keep information about children and families confidential. You can protect information in different ways. By making sure that if its paperwork only the appropriate people see it, and that its kept in a locked filing cabinet, in a locked room, only certain people have access. If the information is on a computer then the computer is password protected and in a locked room. If the computer or paperwork is in an office, and someone comes in then it is hidden straight away. Also all the staff in the setting should adhere to the confidentiality policy, they must not share information outside of the professional setting. (98)

D5 Explain how to prepare to work in a placement with children.

How to prepare to work in...
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