Child Care Introduction to Children

Topics: Children Act 1989, Human rights, Children's rights in the United Kingdom Pages: 11 (4153 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Unit 1;

Statutory; sectors that are fully funded but it depends on the boroughs. One example is school nurseries. In this setting professionals aim to make life in the setting feel like a family atmosphere for children to feel comfortable. Professionals also help children to develop with carefully chosen activities to do with the 6 learning areas, these are; language and literacy, creative development, physical development, personal social and emotional development, knowledge and understanding of the world and mathematical development. They aim to help children develop at their pace and doesn’t rush anything because they know every child is individual in their own way. The nurseries also help children feel safe and secure in the environment and give them a healthy balanced lifestyle such has healthy meals, 5 a day and run around out the garden areas. The private sector; is full costing to parents, they have to pay the cost for their children, it isn’t paid for them. One example of this is preschools. The care they offer is just that little bit more then statutory this is because the sector makes the children feel like the school is also their home and that the professionals are family. Professionals in the sector will constantly observe the children for safety. Education in this sector is organised daily, this includes creative learning, letter and number work, singing and story time to boost confidence and their understanding. Education is also provided in a way of treating the child as an individual to show they develop at their own speed. This sector will also treat special needs children equal and show no discrimination. Voluntary; a small grant is donated for them to start up there business one example is child lines and mother and toddler groups. Voluntary provides help, support, and education to children. On is say this is doing by; 1) ‘Focusing on areas which will make the biggest difference 2) Prioritise the children at risk

3) Learn what works the best for them
4) Create leverage for change’.
When the sector finds new ways to help children they will test it out to see how it goes and if it works then they will carry on with the new idea. They educate the children by the things they say and do to them to forget about certain things in their life and to develop them to move on and stay strong.

Statutory sector supports children and their families by doing things that will help their children to develop and grow, they fit around parents timetables and help them to go about their daily life knowing there child is in good monitored care. The statutory sector protects children and gives their families a sense of relief. It also helps parents with educating the child in their background and helps them understand more of the culture, also helps the families get good education for their child with the cost being mostly funded for them so it’s free. The private sector supports families and their children by giving them a safe secure place and making the child feel at home. It helps families go about their schedules and have a feel of relief that their child is going to be happy where they are, it supports them in a way of helping a child become better at their strengths, and it includes everything important in the Childs life. Voluntary work supports children in helping them overcome serious happenings in their life, and to become aware of people who have experienced similar going on and to help them have a better life in the future, and gives them closure. It supports the parents by being free of cost.

Childrens Act 2004; The act was around in 1989 but after a lot of going on it was updated to Children’s act 2004, it planned to improve how social services worked and how people would treat the children in their care. To help the children they plan to bring multiple agencies together to protect innocent children and stop the abuse that maybe going on. The 1989 act was...
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