Child Care

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Explain how institutions and agencies and services can affect children and young peoples development

Institutions agencies and services have a big affect on children and young people’s development. This is because they help thousands of children and young people overcome problems they have when it comes to development

These problems could be: -

• Hearing problems- of which could affect their learning due to the way the children are taught all together. • Speech problems – This can affect the way they learn and interact with other children, they may struggle to be able to talk about their needs and wants. • Language problems – This could isolate the child from other children if they have a different language to the other children and it could also affect their learning if they are taught the same as other children.

When helping these children and young people overcome their problems they develop confidence and self-esteem. Which affects the way they interact with other children, they may speak to other children without becoming frustration. It can help them learn in different ways and it can help this child be exactly like the other children. It may stop the chances of the child being bullied later on in life, it may stop the child in the future getting into trouble due to them playing up because they have gotten bored of the lesson.

Below are some of the services that can be used to help the children and young people overcome their problem.

1. The Senco in an educational setting, offer’s support to children and young people with special needs. This service is also responsible for identification of special needs.

2. Additional learning support staffs, work within and outside schools providing a range of services to help children who have certain specific educational needs. This may include people like teaching assistants or advisors to provide support and train staff.

3. Youth justice is a service based on...
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