Child Called It

Topics: Dave Pelzer, The Wrong Door, Abuse Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Jalen Jones
Mrs. Moore
English 113 A
Book Summary
A Child Called It by David Pelzer is a real life story about a boy who was brutally beaten and severely starved by his alcoholic mother. When David was young, he lived a well and typical life with his parents and brothers. However, his mother unexpectedly, became a monster, taking her anger out on her anger on her vulnerable child. David was forced to lie in freezing cold water with his whole body under except for his nostrils, forced to eat his own vomit, sleep in the basement under the stairs, stabbed, and forced to sit in the bathroom with a mustard gas solution while the door was closed. These are just a few of the brutal, tortuous games that David’s mother used to play. She treated him not like her son, but like nobody with no feelings or emotions. David’s mother would never call him by his name, she always either called him “The Boy” or “It” David experienced both psychological and physical abuse. In order to survive from his mother's sick games, David used willpower. David has a strong will to survive at any cost. Through all of mothers’ torturous games, David's internal strength began to come into view. Introduction to Interview

David Pelzer’s story is the exact opposite of a fairy tale. There was something I couldn’t get right about him. He looked normal but his childhood wasn’t. The room was bright and warm. I sat there preparing my questions for David Pelzer. As he walked into the room and sat down in the chair, I wondered “is this going to be a dreadful, painful day for David Pelzer? “ I knew that today, skeletons will be brought out of the closet. Today, there will be secrets revealed. Interview Questions

Okay David, let’s jump right in. What was mother like?
Mother was… Mother. She was an alcoholic who tortured and starved me for her sick pleasure. She would do things to me that you couldn’t possibly fathom. Once she stabbed m in the stomach and gave me a slightly longer time...
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