Child Behavior

Topics: The Child, Child, Childhood Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Child Behavior
Mullins, A ’Mani
December 5, 2012
Period 4
Is Child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?
Yes child behavior has worsened over the years many devices of child behavior today cause poor behavior. We see many children with violent actions in many places such as restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls and other public areas. In an opinion poll it showed that seventy percent of responders believe that child behavior has worsened over the years. Also I found more research and the way I look at it it’s the parents fault, parents determine the children of their children if a parent is willing to take time and work to be consistent of children benefits. If you say “no”, than it must mean no. it must mean that as a parent you must get off the sofa and physically stop the child from misbehaving; even requiring the child to remain in a “time out”. Parents who try to discipline their children by just telling them to stop a behavior are not teaching the children to respect authority, nor are they helping the child to become a responsible adult. Almost everyone in the general public has studied the change in child behavior today compared to their childhood years. Our generation may not be the best, but there has almost never been a time in history where the adolescents haven’t gotten a bad feedback. Some elder people don’t give children our age group a chance because they feel that we are all the same. They simple assume that we are going to be rude; this disregard is what causes children to act so disrespectful toward their elders. This is maybe the biggest port of call when attempting to lay blame, there is a real trend emerging that good parenting of our children has lost its way. There are of course hundreds more theories out there as to why each generation is getting worse than the one before.

What will happen to our youth generation if this continues people will be involved in deviant? Or criminal behavior has not only tripled but...
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