Child Beauty Pageant

Topics: Beauty contest, Beauty, Beauty pageants Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Formal Outline: Child Beauty pageant
1. How many of you guys have heard or seen the show Toddler and Tiaras? It’s a show where toddlers and young children take stage wearing make ups, spray tans and fake hair to be judged on beauty, personality and costumes. Tiaras are following families on their guest for sparkly crowns, big tittles, and lots of cash.

2. Preview : I think child beauty pageant is absolutely unacceptable. Children should be on the play ground playing games, be active and have fun not, wear makeup and have fake tan and get judged for their “beauty”.

3. Thesis: We should show and teach the younger generation that beauty is not everything;

we should not let little young girls participate in beauty contest. They are growing too

fast, they don’t even understand the whole thing and usually they are dragged by their

parents & you don’t even know if that’s actually something the child wants to do.

Body :
1. First main point : Is beauty everything?
What are we really teaching these young kids? When a interviewer asks most child beauty contestants “which one would you rather be? Smart or beautiful?” and most of them answered beautiful, this is something not a little 5-8 year old should be responding. It’s scary enough to know that they have an idea of what beauty means, this is something we should only worry about when we are older. * Sub point: These beauty pageant contests has taught them that being beautiful means being fake and superficial. * Sub point: They are growing too fast, makeup and hair products can do a lot of harm to little kids face and their hair. * Sub point: I understand that some pageant are for scholarships, good cause and family bonding time but there are always other ways you can do those things. I think entering a beauty contest is little bit extreme and can really ruin how kids feel about themselves and the world. * Sub point: It wouldn’t be bad if they...
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