Child and Man

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Essay on “Child is the Father of Man”
“Child is the father of man”, is a part of a poem written by William Wordsworth. Understanding the meaning of the child is father of the man
The proverb means that the conduct of a child indicates what kind of man he will be in his future life. It is said that childhood shows the man as morning shows the day. If the morning is fair, the day is expected to be fair. If the child shows signs of good character it is expected that he will be a good man in future. Habits of childhood form the character of the grown-up man. Of course, education and environment have some influence in shaping a man’s character; but they do not entirely change his natural bent of mind. It is, therefore, very important to watch the natural bent of mind of a child. If it is good, it should be allowed to grow properly in the right way. Sometimes a child shows a natural bent of science. If he is properly directed, he will in future be a successful man of science. Hence career masters now test the aptitude of a child so that he may be correctly guided and have a successful career in life. Again as the conduct of a child greatly shapes the character of a grown-up man, it should be the duty of the parents to see that a child acquires no bad habit. It is very difficult to shake off the habits of childhood. A child has got a very impressionable mind. Good or bad, as it may be, that impression last long. A child should therefore be brought up in good environment. He should not be allowed to mix with evil company. He wrote it with regard to the experiences of the three stages of development in a man’s life- childhood, youth, and old age. It was Wordsworth’s observation that what we experience as children makes us the people we are when we are older. Childhood is the most critical and important part in a person’s development. The Jesuits used to believe that the first seven years of a person’s life are his most absorbing years. If the right seeds are sown in...
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