Child and Adolescent Psychology

Topics: Sex education, Teenage pregnancy, Family Pages: 4 (1591 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Unit 7 project
Tetyana Tabakar
PS-220: Child and Adolescent Psychology

Teenagers…what images and words come to mind? If you are like most Americans, the first thoughts will be negative: wild, irresponsible, immoral, violent. For generations Americans have complained about young people, but today the intensity of concern and the level of fear seems deeper than the “when I was young” lessons of our grandparents. Much of the public’s critique of teens revolves around parents’ perceived inability to be involved with their children and teach them the right values. It is not just the elderly who question the lack of values they see in our youth; parents of teenagers share the same concerns. Teens seem vulnerable to strong external forces: drugs, alcohol, violence, sex, and the media. Without the right values to immunize them from negative influences, teens could fall victim to these pressures. The public would say that teens are succumbing to these pressures, and absent parents are to blame. But teens and their parents suggest a very different picture of their personal experiences. They report strong teen-parent relationships built on a solid foundation of parental involvement and guidance. Most teens say they highly value honesty and hard work, and are engaged in positive activities such as church and volunteer work. The biggest stresses most of them feel are the pressures to do well in school and get into college. If you will ask me if that situation was the same for me, I would say at some point. Very important is to understand that I was born in USSR; country where we had no freedom as a citizens, guns and condoms was not on sale for public and most important things in the lives was the education. Since day one in school we were told that only with a proper education you can be a real person, without it you are nothing. Sex and drugs at that point of time was no existing in our country and television was showing programs...
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