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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Assessment task – TDA 3.2 Schools as organisations (continue) * Summarise the laws and practise affecting work in schools Data Protection Act 1998: This act is a way for people to control information about themselves. It mentions that personal information should only be kept for intended purpose and only what you need it for. It should be kept securely onsite for example locked away or password protected. Also this information is to be classed as confidential and is not to be shared unless asked permission first.

United Nations Convention on Rights of the Children 1989: The UNCRC was brought up and introduced in 1989 and was signed by Britain in 1991. It is made up of 54 articles and only 7 of them relate to schools. These include: * Article 2- Freedom from discrimination- That children have the right to be protected from harm and all forms of discrimination. * Article 3- Best interests of the child- Everything that is done within the school is done for the best of the child and that their interest is the most important. * Article 12- Self expression- That all children should be able to express their views and opinions freely, which should take in considerate the child’s age and maturity. * Article13- Receiving and sharing information- Children should have the right to receive and share information as long as it doesn’t damage others. * Article 14- Freedom of religion- Children should have the right to freedom of religion, although they should also be free to look into their beliefs. * Article 28- Equal right to education- That all children are education equally despite their race, colour or background and should be educated according to their individual needs. * Article 29- Education should develop the child’s personalities, talents and abilities- That children should learn to live peacefully and respect the environment as well as other people around them. Also they should be encouraged to develop their personalities,...
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