Child Abuse Outline

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Report Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Title| Whose job is it to report child abuse?|
General Purpose| I want to persuade my audience to rethink their position on reporting child abuse.| Specific Purpose| Reporting child abuse is a responsibility by everyone and should not be taken lightly and overlooked.| Central Idea| Child abuse reporting has become more difficult because of the stigma that both the victims and alleged child abusers endure.|

Attention Getting Material| I just had to call law enforcement to help my child when he reported that his teacher had hurt him. (Phillips)| Orienting Material| I will explain the whole situation and the outcome.| Preview| The victims became more victimized.|

Transition| We obviously are not the only child abuse victims out there. What would have happened if we hadn’t called for help?|

Main Point| I. I will define child abuse and give reported example.| Support Material| A. Michael Oshay Hudson was a daycare owner that is charged with molesting a 7 year old boy. (Connelly) 1. Were there signs of abuse? 2. Would the outcome be different if they had not called the authorities? 3. What would have happened if his brother had not believed him?B. Why do people not report abuse? 1. Are there misconceptions that make people believe it is ok to not report crimes? 2. How would it make a difference and save lives?C. What is mandated reporting? 1. I will define “mandated reporting”. 2. Who are mandated reporters? (Jill D. Moore) 1. Health Care Workers 2. Social Services Professionals 3. Law Enforcement Officials 4. Educators 5. Child Care Workers 3. Should there be any changes to this list of people?| Transition| Children need a voice when they cannot speak for themselves. |

Main Point| II. Why do people not report suspected child abuse? (Los Angeles Times)| Support Material| A. There is a feeling of automatic...
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