Child Abuse and Tina S Case

Topics: Child abuse, Psychological trauma, Child sexual abuse Pages: 8 (2946 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Table of Contents Section 1: Background:
1.1 ) Tina’s story and possible effects of a traumatic experience 1.2) The effects of: 1.2.1) Child abuse 1.2.2) Sexual abuse 1.3) Possible effects of Masclow’s hierarchy of needs on Tina’s behavior

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Section 2: Guidance for Tina:
2.1) Counseling and support for learning problems 2.2) Child trauma and the effects of trauma on Tina’s life 2.3) Parental involvement and parental counseling 2.4) Individual intervention learning program for Tina 4 4 5 6

Section 1: Background 1.1) I would like to report a case of sexual abuse against one of my students. One of my students, Tina, has approached me about a concerning matter, in which her stepbrother, has being sexually abusing her. Not only do I believe that Tina is sexually abused by her stepbrother, I am also concerned that she also suffers from emotional abuse from her mother. As she has pointed out, she is afraid to tell her mother about the abuse, as she fears that she will be blamed for splitting up the family. According to Tina, her mother has accused her of her father walking out on them when she was three. Due to these factors, I believe Tina’s mom is belittling and rejecting her. For these reasons Tina is afraid to approach her mother about this matter, and is concerned if she does, she will be blamed for splitting up the new family. As her class teacher, I am concerned about the possible effects that the trauma can have on her. I believe that Tina is feeling overwhelmed by the experience, and is feeling unable to cope with the situation. I am concerned about Tina’s emotional wellbeing and the impact it could have on her overall development, presently and in the future. According to Schoeman S, CA Jansen, JM Dreyer, JI Swanepoel, KH Van As, HM Vogel, HC Steyn and JS Kruger, (The Educator in a pastoral role, 2011:69), trauma can cause intense emotional wounding. This includes wounding a person’s emotions, spirit, will to live, belief about themselves and the world and a dignity of sense of security. It is further noted that a person may feel helpless or out of control, and the mental health of the person is damaged. As Schoeman notes (Schoeman et al. 2011: 69) when a child has experienced sexual abuse, they are subject to a process called depersonalization; this strips away the child’s “personhood”, individuality and humanity. It is further stated that when a child traumatized by another person, the victim’s trust in other human beings and society is destroyed, which could have a great effect on the rest of the person’s life. According to Melinda Smith, ( a traumatic experience can damage the child’s ability to function at home and at school. She goes on to note that an abused child can feel that he/she is worthless or damaged. In Tina’s case, her mother constantly accuses her of being the cause of her father walking out, and thus she feels that if she approaches her mother, she will be accused of breaking up the new family. Tina could also be feeling a sense of shame and guilt. Melinda Smith also concludes that when someone experiences repetitive trauma, such as abuse, they can feel helpless and develop extreme anxiety.

Schoeman (Schoeman et al. 2011: 70) explains that victims of trauma reconsider that they are invulnerable, that the world is orderly and meaningful and that there are good, strong people. Through these findings, I believe that this could interrupt a person’s ability to function. Due to Tina’s mother’s marriage to the abusers father, I am not only concerned that Tina feels helpless and overwhelmed by the situation, but that she also may feel guilty and worthless. I am concerned about her academic development, as well as her ability to trust others in the future. I am also worried about her future mental health, and that she will feel intense anxiety and may lead to her suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder sometime in the future....
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