Child Abuse and Parent

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Child Abuse
When one thinks of child abuse, the initial thought is a child with broken bones and bruises. Physical abuse is not the only type of child abuse. Child abuse can be in the form of neglect, emotional and sexual abuse as well as the most obvious, physical abuse. These four types of abuse can leave lasting scars on the children and cause a repeat pattern of abuse in later years. Child abuse covers a wide range of parental and adult actions inflicted upon children and many times are not reported.

Although physical abuse is the most obvious form of abuse, child neglect is the most common abuse that occurs in America. Child neglect is defined as any maltreatment of a child due to the failure of providing care for a child. Neglected children are ignored by their parents or caregivers. The most obvious form of neglect is the placement of a child or children in unsupervised and dangerous situations (Smith, Melinda & Segal, Jeanne, Segal. Understanding Child Abuse And Neglect.). However, neglect can also be in the form of not providing the needed resources for a child or withholding of food and clothing. AS the economy continues to suffer, neglect will continue to be prominent. According to Brayan and Grapes, when families are in poverty, it is difficult to provide the needed care of children and there is a rise in the cases of child neglect. Children’s needs are typically the last to be thought of while parents are focused on survival. Parents are so stressed and consumed with bills to be paid that the basic well-being of a child is often neglected. Even though it is the most common form of child abuse, it is very difficult to prove except in extreme cases of neglect. Child neglect is the withholding of age appropriate care of a child, but that needed care is subjective. What one person might see as a need, another might see as a want. Also, as children grow, they become accustomed to pretending everything is fine and typically will not show...
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