Child Abuse and Its Psychological Effect

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Bullying Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: December 20, 2011
Child abuse has been an emerging issue which created a huge controversy of how it affects children. Child abuse is in many forms and not just physical, but it is also psychological, emotional, and sexual. Child abuse has been around since the beginning of time and there have been many historical accounts that have proved that children have either been neglected or abused.

Child abuse is not just a onetime attack but it is usually a series of episodes that is not just physical; but also emotional. Child abuse is the bodily, sexual, emotional maltreatment of a child that could lead to serious physical harm or even death. Neglect is also another form of child abuse it is the “deprivation of adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care, or supervision. It can be the failure or refusal to provide care or services for a child when there is an obligation to.” (Gosslin 2010; p. 97) The notion of neglect is that a parent does not provide a child with the basic needs of survival, the basic necessities of living is not given.

As I stated before there are four different kinds of child abuse: emotional, physical, psychological, and sexual. Emotional abuse in the book combined as one form of abuse, but I do not believe that Emotional and psychological should be joint as one and I will explain them separately. Emotional abuse is the “injury to the emotional stability of the child as evidenced by an observable or substantial change in behavior or emotional response” (Gosslin 2010; p. 97) the Emotional abuse from a parent weakens the child’s emotional growth and sense of well being. It consists of verbal abuse, constant belittling, humiliation for anything they do, and being ignored throughout the day, or laughed at in front of others. This factors result in a child having very low self esteem and leads to a child becoming unsociable in school. An emotionally abused child will never get to hear an encouraging or nice word from the parents and this will directly result in...
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