Child Abuse

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I have proposed a framework for a more systematic understanding of the child abuse and its psychological effects. Child abuse is a very serious problem. Not only in Pakistan, but also the people are affected by child abuse all over the world. As said by Chris Witty:

“It’s important to talk about it. You raise awareness. But you can also prevent it by not letting it be a secret” Child maltreatment is a generic term referring to four primary acts: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. Child maltreatment occurs in our society at alarming rates. Child maltreatment affects children in a number of ways, such as higher rates of psychiatric and psychological disorders. This paper reviews the literature on the psychological effects of child maltreatment. As you are sitting in the living room watching television, you hear that familiar sound. You hear the yelling, the crashing, and the crying. In the background of all the sound, you faintly hear a child’s voice pleading for their life. Does anyone sit back and really think about what we are doing to these children? Too many people assume that these children grow up and just "get over" the abuse. If only it were that simple. Research has shown us that child maltreatment can be very psychologically damaging. Many children end up suffering lifelong problems. Physical abuse has a damaging effect on children. A common problem found in children who have been physically abused is disruptive disorders. Research has also indicated that physically abused children tend to be less popular and liked and had fewer friendships. Sexual abuse also has long-lasting negative effects on children. Sexually abused children have a higher prevalence of psychiatric disorders. Emotional abuse has devastating effects on children. Some studies have shown that children who suffer from emotional abuse have the worst outcome of all abuse. Emotional abuse appeared to be specifically associated with subsequent low self-evaluation. This is probably due to the child’s internalization of parental statements as a basis for self-perception. This could lead to other problems in the child’s life. Neglect, like all the other forms of maltreatment, has long lasting effects. Researchers have only begun to explore the effects of neglect on children. The findings so far paint a gruesome picture. Language deficits are common among neglected children. Children who are neglected had more problems in receptive and expressive language As it is rightly said by Herbert Ward:

“Child abuse cast a shadow the length of a life time”
According to this quote in view I have also explained how to prevent from child abuse and to stop the alarming death rate causing as a result of child abuse.


Child abuse is a social psychological phenomenon, which is present at epidemic rate in same or other forms throughout the world. The problems emancipating from child abuse and neglect are indeed complex and multifaceted. Primarily, child abuse emerged as a social issue in developed countries. Later on, it was realized that it is present all-over the world and has achieved alarming volume. In 1974 the first NATIONAL INCIDENCE SURVEY (NIS) was conducted in United States of America and 60,000 cases of child abuse were recognized. Again second NIS survey conducted in 1980, reported 1.1 million cases of abuse whereas the 1989 survey (NIS III) presented 2.4 million figure of abuse the 1997 NIS survey identified the statistics of 9,69,000 figures of child maltreatment. Over the last few decades, as the magnitude and severity of the problem have become apparent, the preventive intervention programs have proliferated in developed countries. Recently, the international organizations have started launching programs to...
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