Child Abuse

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Taylor traham
Child Abuse
Topic: Child Abuse is around the world, that ruins peoples life. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Child Abuse. Thesis Statement: Being a victim of being abused from a friend. or a family member can change someone life forever. Therefore, today I will be informing my audience what child abuse means, what are some risk factors, and what are some effects. Introduction:

I. I will play a video clip about a boy named Brenden, it's a really sad story because his own "dad" raped him ever since he was 7 years old. (Catch attention) II. Child abuse can change someone's life forever, mentally, physically, and emotionally. III. When someone it's a victim of being abuse, not only affects them but the people that cares for them. IV. Today, I will inform my audience what does child abuse mean, the risk factor of child abuse, and the effects of child abuse. Transition: So, what does Child Abuse means?

I. Child abuse is any act that endangers a child’s physical or emotional health and development. A. Child abuse often take place in the home.
1. The child often knows the abuser.
a) parent
b) babysitter
c) friend of the family.
2. Four types of Child Abuse
a) Neglect: is failure to provide for a child’s basic needs. b) Physical abuse: is physical injury as a result of hitting, shaking, burning, or otherwise harming a child. c) Sexual abuse: is when an older child, or an adult uses a child for his or her own sexual gratification. d) Emotional abuse: is any pattern of behavior that impairs a child’s emotional development, including constant criticism, and rejection. Transition: What are the Risk Factor?

B. Risk Factor for the Child and the Parent
1. Children younger than 4 years are at greatest risk for severe injury or death. 2. In childhood, boys are at higher risk and experience more severe abuse; in adolescence, the risk...
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