Child Abuse

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: April 18, 2013
TOPIC: Child Abuse Facts for Parents

PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to reveal the shocking features of child abuse that exposes various factors responsible for physical, sexual, emotional and neglect abuse of children which haunts and shatters their physical and emotional world.



Child abuse is very widespread and familiar happening. In today's situation, it has become a very common incident when the innocent, defenseless, helpless child goes through physical and emotional suffering. The effects of this can be very deep and can last for life, which destroys the very roots of his or her physical and mental makeup. Thorough studies have shown that negligence and emotional abuse of child, which is so common every day, leaves much deeper impact on his/her mind than of physical abuse.

Child abuse is an act that is intended to harm the emotional or physical development of a child. It also includes the acts of negligence towards child. It can take place at every levels of community regardless of culture, religion, ethnicity and income. The abuse is further classified as physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect. The harshness of the abuse varies from place to place and can lead sometimes to physical injuries or even in death.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can be defined as the act of physical aggression inflicted by an abuser that results in any kind of physical injury. The aggression act which is not intended for any physical injury is also included under physical abuse. There are many factors which can lead to physical abuse. 1. If abuser beats, slaps or hits the child.

2. Burning the skin with cigarette or other hot objects.
3. If abuser offers severe physical punishment.
4. Pinching, pushing, hair pulling, kicking, throwing the child around.

Sexual Abuse

When there is any kind of sexual act between a child and an...
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