Child Abuse

Topics: Scientific method, Child abuse, Science Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Despite the high volume of empirical research available on child abuse, the exact model of negative outcome development and the solution models are not yet clear, so researchers often propose longitudinal studies to discover the courses of psychological development after abuse and the exact age of onset for disorders that stem from childhood abuse. However, there is no doubt that the scope and severity of child abuse is a crucial factor in developing negative outcomes, so the issue should be addressed immediately. While many researchers propose different theories, it seems that there is no universal agreement on a specific solution model, but the lack of definite facts regarding actual outcome development and the necessity for further studies should not impair the development and application of constructive solutions. Although solutions have to be supported by empirical evidence to be considered universal and valid, there should be a clear distinction between the scientific community and the social reality when proposing possible solutions to the issue of childhood emotional abuse. Science has already made contributions in defining the scope of child abuse and the potential implications people will face as adults because of childhood traumas, but it cannot be expected to form effective solutions through empirical methods. According to Finkelhorn (2009), recent policies that have addressed the issue of protecting children from sexual abuse are not supported by social scientists who believe in evidence-based prevention. However, the procedures used in scientific research and the amount of authority granted to single researchers in making generalized conclusions implicate the efficiency of solution development. Each research is required to list possible implications, and each research needs to be re-tested several times to display the consistency of results. Furthermore, even though several scientists believe that implementing untested solutions could create more...
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